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Ecological Landscape Design and Installation

Combining sustainability with the highest aesthetic standard we offer edible landscapes, rain gardens, tree planting and organic lawn installations.

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Certified Arborist Services

Experts in tree diagnosis, care, consultation, hazardous tree assessment, tree pruning, storm damage mitigation, or tree removal.

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Sustainable Agriculture Consultation

We provide solutions for sustainable production for field crops, greenhouses, and indoor horticulture.

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Reforestation Services

We can help with floodplain remediation, erosion prevention, establishing riparian buffers, carbon sequestration, or anything that requires the planting of large numbers of trees.

Posted on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 5:35am

We have been offering high end residential landscaping in Columbus, Ohio for nearly a decade, always with a focus on sustainability and organic methods. Additionally, we offer expert tree care, reforestation planting, and sustainable agriculture consultation services.

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